Bicycle Parking in Utrecht
Best of Best 2018

The Municipality of Utrecht

Ector Hoogstad Architecten


Utrecht has recently gained the biggest bicycle parking garage in the world! The three-storey, pleasantly bright complex, built underground in the immediate vicinity of the train station, not only offers a secure parking place for around 13,000 cyclists looking to catch a train, but also makes the parking area confidently and clearly visible above ground with its iconic air cushion roof. A groundbreaking building which integrates harmoniously into the cityscape as a natural feature and at the same time has a strong signalling effect, i.e. »cyclists welcome!« It is projects as exemplary as this that make an impact at home and abroad with their brilliance. While parking garages of this scale may not be needed just yet, a faster, continuous improvement in urban bike lanes and cycling paths, or a consistent expansion in cycling infrastructure, would be a welcome further step in the right direction considering the rapidly growing number of cyclists in our cities.