Innovation of the Year 2017

Lumen Labs (HK) Ltd.

Lumen Labs (HK) Ltd.

Cyclists are part of road traffic – just like cars and motorcycles. In the darker seasons, when visibility is made even worse by wet weather, it is even easier to miss cyclists, especially when turning. Nevertheless, fixed-mounted indicators on bicycles are strictly prohibited according to German road traffic regulations. This is to ensure that bicycles can be easily differentiated from motorcycles. This problem has now been solved by the innovative Lumos bicycle helmets. Thanks to intelligently integrated light signals in the helmet, cyclists can clearly indicate that they want to turn or brake, even in poor visibility situations – and without even taking their hands off the handlebars. The indicator is clearly visible on all sides and is activated by buttons on the handlebars which are connected wirelessly to the helmet. The brake light even lights up automatically. Since the light signals are significantly higher than with the motorcycle, any confusion is almost entirely excluded. A sensible and long overdue innovation that makes cycling generally safer.